About Us

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much. Helen Keller

Puzzled Paws was inspired by our daughter, McKenzie. From the time she was able to help in the kitchen, she was usually helping in the kitchen! What a better way to include her friends in our community than to create an environment that celebrates there abilities and their furry friends.

Puzzled Paws is a Non Profit 501c3 dedicated to training, educating, and employing autistic adults and improving the lives of the autistic community. In order to prepare the team for the world of work in a real environment, the organization produces high quality, human grade pet treats and specialty items in their very first bakery. We decided to also add a retail element to meet the needs of all our clients, friends, family and community.

This year, Puzzled Paws will launch a student volunteer program to educate the world on being strong allies to the autism community. Currently over 20,000 volunteers are advocating for autism acceptance in over 40 countries.

It's Me - McKenzie!

"Kenzie" has been helping in the kitchen since the time she was able to help in the kitchen! Kenzie, a deaf and autistic young lady, is the inspiration behind Puzzled Paws. Kenzie attends a local Jupiter High School and loves to paint, cook, ride bikes, swim, shop and go boating. Kenzie attends additional activities such a golf, yoga, tennis and fitness at the Els' Foundation of Excellence. Even with a busy social life, she has been working hard for her new adventure after high school.

Julie Webster

Julie, a co-founder of Puzzled Paws, is affectionately known as "Mommy" to McKenzie Webster, whose journey inspired the creation of this non-profit organization. She is based in Florida with her husband, McKenzie's siblings, and grandchildren. Katie, their daughter, is not only the author of "It's Me McKenzie" but also a valued member of the Advisory Board. Meanwhile, their son Jake plays a crucial role in the day-to-day operations and community service. Julie is now devoted full-time to empowering autistic young adults like McKenzie through Puzzled Paws. Her ultimate aim is to establish a second non-profit dedicated to innovating shared living options for autistic individuals who wish to live together. It's paramount that we continue our work to ensure that the narrative of happiness, success, and fulfillment in life is shaped by autistic individuals themselves.

David Webster

David is one of the founders of Puzzled Paws and plays the crucial role of "Daddy". He is a General Contractor and the owner of Construction Trade Partners. Through his nonprofit work and future community housing initiatives, he combines his knowledge and compassion. David has consistently supported and provided opportunities to help Kenzie achieve her hopes and dreams throughout her entire life. He is enthusiastic about creating better opportunities for our autistic community.

Reva & Zora

Meet Reva and Zora, our delightful tasting experts who head up the Tasting Division! They are highly trained in savoring large treats, small treats, and the fine art of begging. Reva has dedicated 10 years to perfecting her skills, while Zora, with 4 years of experience, brings a more refined palate to the table.